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Emergency Hail & Storm Damage Roof Repair

Following hail or storm damage, turn to Wortham Brothers for prompt and efficient roof restoration. Our Dallas roofers, backed by over 30 years of experience, specialize in managing roof repairs and seamlessly navigating insurance procedures. We prioritize your comfort and swift return to daily life, dedicating ourselves to rebuilding your roof. Rely on us for comprehensive support in challenging times.

Wortham Brothers Roofing

For over 35 years, Wortham Brothers Roofing has dedicated itself to providing top-notch repair services that restore your roof and give you peace of mind during Texas’ unpredictable weather seasons.

Common Types of Storm Damage We Encounter

In Dallas, homeowners frequently encounter several types of storm-induced roof damage, each with its unique set of challenges:

Hail – The force of hailstones striking roofing materials often leads to significant dents and splits, compromising the roof’s ability to protect against future weather intrusions and leaks.

Wind Damage – Vigorous winds can undermine shingles, dislodging them and making the roof prone to leaks and further damage from the elements.

Flying Debris – Storms can toss branches and other objects onto roofs, causing damage, including holes and cracks that jeopardize the roof’s structural soundness.

Heavy Rainfall – During heavy storms, the influx of rain can find its way beneath shingles, leading to internal moisture issues, decay, and damage to the interior of the home.

Tornado – The extreme force of tornadoes can strip away roof sections or destabilize the structure, exposing the home to the elements.

Falling Trees –  Trees falling on the roof during violent weather can inflict severe structural damage on roofs, making immediate repair essential to protect the home from additional damage.

Faced with these challenges head-on, we stand ready to provide prompt, expert roofing solutions so that your home remains secure and protected, no matter the weather conditions. Rely on us to be by your side in these critical moments, ready to assist during the difficult times facing storm damage.

Does Insurance Cover Roof Damage From a Hail Storm?

Insurance often covers roof damage due to storms. Wortham Brothers Roofing simplifies the process of claiming insurance for roof repair or replacement. Here’s how we assist homeowners and business owners:

In Need of Dallas Hail or Storm Repair Services?

After a storm or hail hits, quick action can mean the difference between an easy fix and a big repair bill. Wortham Brothers Roofing is here to restore your roof and ensure your absolute confidence in its safety.

We get how tough dealing with weather damage can be, and our roofers are ready to sort it out fast, so it’s like nothing ever happened. From checking out the damage to sealing up the last shingle, we’re all about fixing your roof right and making it strong against whatever the sky throws at it next.

Don’t let a bit of bad weather throw you for a loop. Hit up Wortham Brothers Roofing for a free check-up and estimate. Choosing us? That’s a decision you’ll be glad you made, no regrets.

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