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Flat Roofs

Flat Roofs

Hand Nails vs. Pneumatic Nails

Many companies advertise that they “hand nail only”, but may only doing so because of economics. These companies may hire new, inexperienced crews and supply them with hammers simply because it’s cheaper and there is little or no training involved.

Hand nails are a little slower, so a crewmember may be a little more watchful of nail placement. As long as the crew is experienced, one is not necessarily better than the other. In the hands of a professional, pneumatic nail guns are faster, more convenient, and shoot the same galvanized nail as is used in hand nailing. Because the guns have a safety function that only allows them to fire if held flat on the surface, nails cannot be installed at an angle. The wires that connect the coils of nails provide a built-in barb on each nail that increases the holding power.

Which Do We Prefer?

We allow our technicians to choose which method they prefer. Along with the shingle manufactures, we believe roofs can be properly installed either way. One final note regarding fastening – staples are often used in new construction and re-roofing to attach shingles. We feel very strongly that staples should not be used for shingle application and you will never find one of our jobs where they have been used.

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