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A new roof may be the largest investment you will put into your home and there are literally hundreds of products, colors and styles to choose from. In most cases, 50% of what you see when looking at a house is the roof. The right product and color can increase the value of your home… on the other side, choosing wrong colors, products or installation procedures can be extremely disappointing. We have taken great strides to continually increase our knowledge of all the products available as they appear on the market. This enables us to show you a complete array of choices and increases the likelihood of you finding the perfect roof for your unique home.





When it comes to roofs, it is true that “Quality doesn’t cost, it pays”. Your financial decisions should be based on aesthetics, resale value, warranties, longevity, insurance discounts and claim proceeds. Certain shingle products in Texas classify under a U.L. 2218 rating that allows a consumer to lower their baseline homeowner insurance.

Please visit our Partners companies for specific brand and product information. Because there are a lot of decisions to make when considering a new roof, we hope you will accept our help in narrowing down your choices from the many available products. It is important to us that you experience complete satisfaction with you new roof and that we continue to enjoy our solid reputation for customer care and expertise in the roofing industry.

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